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ZZZAAAANNNEEE!!! we have been doing stick work for weights with the wrestling coach.  Today we were in the weight room for the first time maxing out.  All I could think was the "good" times working out with you!  Today I PR my back squat from you at 240 and today my max is 255!  Before i even attempted it I thought about all the tings you taught me and said this is for Zane!

I also benched and got 115 easy!  And hang clean at 130 which was definitely a struggle.  It was hard to explain to the girls that it's all genetics!!  Miss you! and thank you again for a successful summer.  Hope you're doing well!!

Hey I just wanted to send you some Updates.  We are at team camp and on the first day I started out on the bench, which I obviously wasn't happy about.  But when she did put me on the court I took advantage of it with everything I have.  I've been working super, super hard trying to stay intense and get noticed and today she moved me to playing all the way around setting and hitting.  (which my club coach told me was not exactly in my future)  

Anyways, I just felt really proud of myself and I'm super glad that I worked with you especially before this camp because it motivated me to do things that I never really knew that I was capable of, so thank you so much and I'm looking forward to our next session.

Hey Zane!  It's (athletes mother) I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all you are doing for Kate.  She played so well yesterday.  She blocked better than we have ever seen her, she was confident and looked strong.  We owe that all to you.  She adores you and never wants to miss a workout.  you have changed her life.  she eats healthier, works harder and just in general seems so happy.  Just a great big thank you for caring about out baby girl!

Zane, Just finished a full day of 2 practices + conditioning!  I've felt so confident all today and I owe some of that to you!  I feel like a different person, definitely stepping into the leadership role here and I'm Loving it!  Wanted to tell you before we ran our timed mile and a half, I asked our assistant coach if she was gonna run with us.  She said.."No way i'm running against you, I know what you've been doing this summer" talking about your insta videos of course!!

I ended up finishing with 10:20 on the Mile and a half (beating my old Spring time by a whole 28 seconds!!!)  Just wanted to give you a little update and a thanks again for helping me this Summer! :)

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